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Morolo Combo

October 22 - 28, 2014

Canale's Morolo Combo

Chicken parmigiana, a
meatball & a sausage
with a side of rigatoni
'fixed' Romano style.
Served with a salad ... $13.99.


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Dinner Specials

Bistecca Fiorentina ... $16.99

Raspberry Chicken  ... $19.99

Canale's Lasagna Pizza
-   Small - $16.35
-   Medium - $19.85
-   Large - $22.75

Baked Scampi Alfredo with Broccoli  ... $20.99

Walnut Pesto Chicken ... $16.99

Prime Rib au jus
-   Petite Cut 12 oz  ... $20.99
-   House Cut 16 oz  ... $25.99

(Prime Rib Available Fri & Sat)




7421 Oswego Road
Liverpool, New York 13090

Phone:  315-701-4323
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Choose your favorite pasta and cover it with one of Canale's famous sauces and your choice of toppings.

To find the price of the dish you have created, add your pasta price to your topping price and your sauce price if there is one.

Any combination of pasta, sauce, and toppings is available. Have fun creating your own favorite!


Penne Ziti Rigate - A stove pipe style pasta great for baked dishes 5.39

Rigatoni - Flat tubular pasta, try it fixed or romano style 5.39

Linguini - Long, flat, thin pasta, great with clam sauce or alfredo 5.39

Spaghettini - Thin spaghetti, the house favorite, great with any sauce 5.39

Homemade Gnocchi - Made with ricotta cheese prepared with Ma Canale's recipe from Morolo, Italy 5.99

Homemade Fettucine - A family favorite, flat, wide pasta made fresh with Anna's recipe 5.99

Cavatelli - Made with Ricotta Cheese 5.99

Ravioli - Jumbo cheese filled pasta 5.99


Canale's Traditional Tomato Sauce
- This sauce is made with Anna's recipe, prepared exactly as she taught us back in 1954. It's made from the finest tomato products with a meat base.

"Fixed" Romano Style
- A small amount of Canale's traditional sauce mixed
with Romano cheese and butter. It's a family favorite and sure to be yours
once you try it.

Marinara Sauce - Another Anna original loaded with tomatoes and vegetables, with no meat or meat bases. It's a low fat sauce and great with any pasta.

Con Aglio e' Olio - Fresh garlic sauteed in olive oil.

Alfredo Sauce - A rich creamy sauce. 1.49

New- Vodka Sauce - A creamy tomato sauce with onion, vodka and basil. Try it with Penne. 1.49

Rosé Sauce - A blend of two of our favorite sauces, alfredo and marinara. Try it you'll like it. 1.49

Broccoli Sauce
- Broccoli chopped and mixed with garlic, butter and Romano cheese 1.79

Shrimp Sauce - Jumbo shrimp chopped and sautéed with onions, butter, spices and Canale's sauce 4.59

White Clam Sauce - Chopped clams sautéed with garlic, butter and spices 3.29

Red Clam Sauce - Chopped clams sautéed with garlic, butter, spices and Canale's traditional sauce. 3.29

Canale's Meat Sauce - Our traditional sauce - loaded with meat 1.99

Any of our pastas may be covered with mozzarella and baked for only 1.99

Pasta Toppings

Meatballs - 1.99 each
Sausage - 1.99 each
Chicken Breast - 5.29
Pork Chop - 5.99
Veal Cutlet - 5.99
Mushrooms - 2.99
Peppers - 2.99
Mushrooms & Peppers - 4.59
Broccoli - 2.99

Add a small salad to your luncheon pasta for only 3.39